Services - Expertise and Development

PSP feel, based on their wide and diverse experience, particularly competent for all expertise tasks of the following types:

  • as-is state records, e.g. including evaluation of the construction quality or of the current structural safety status or of the remaining service life expectancy or similar expertise objective targets;
  • forensic engineering expert’s reports on damage or failure cases, aiming e.g. at identifying the cause(s) or at conservation of evidence or with similar expertise objective targets;
  • reconstruction concepts, e.g. in the course of eliminating a damage or maintaining a structure or repurposing a building or of similar activities.

Furthermore, because of their scientific background, PSP is especially qualified for any technical development tasks, for instance:

  • valuation of new structural systems (e.g. in the course of a technical approval procedure) or of innovative design concepts or of experimental assessments of structural safety;
  • optimization of structures or of novel constructional details;
  • feasibility studies for structural concepts or building ideas or the like.