About us

We are a small, but highly efficient engineering company that undertakes all projects in the area of construction engineering, with the main focus on metal and steel structures. Our office is situated in the Western Ruhr district (Essen/NRW). We have been undertaking interesting projects nationwide since 1995, though we naturally have a strong local and regional presence too. We also have international experience and our multilingual team (fluent in English, Turkish and Polish) enable us to work globally. Our wide knowledge and experience base is centred in civil engineering steel structures, but extends beyond this area to many aspects of plant design and heavy mechanical engineering.

Our involvement and expertise cover the full spectrum of activities in structural construction, from preliminary planning, project design, structural analysis, structural design and execution planning of structures, right up to the control and quality assurance of their execution both in the fabrication shop and on site.

Our team consists of the two Managing Partners Dipl.-Ing. Ufuk Kocabiyik and Dr.-Ing. Peter Swadlo, the Senior Partner Univ.-Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Schmidt and several employed design and construction engineers. If required, we have at our disposal a close network of partner companies and freelancer engineers with whose help we can process larger orders under tight time constraints.

We regard the following two features as our specific strengths: We are, one the one hand, structural steel all-rounders, but with much in-depth specialist knowledge. On the other hand, we are practitioners, but with a wide range of scientific backgrounds. We have more than 15 years of experience as qualified welding engineers, experts in forensic engineering of damage and failure cases, and very varied construction works on site. Together with our diverse scientific background knowledge, this wide-ranging experience base enables us to tackle many difficult and unusual problems and to handle all our clients’ varied needs successfully.