Projects - Structural Design

Since 2000 or so, PSP has increasingly undertaken tasks in the area of plant engineering. While, in the beginning, the tasks referred mainly to vessels, pipelines and similar shell structures, they included later the diverse steel structures of medium-sized power plants. In dealing with the latter, PSP soon did not limit themselves to designing and constructing the classic skeleton, support and encasing structures, but worked also on any type of load-carrying steel components of the plant units themselves – from local carrying plates within boilers up to the shells of economizers, coolers and filters. Today PSP is looking back on a great amount of experience in the special field “constructional steelwork in plant engineering” (see first project sub-group).

All other structural design projects have been combined in the second sub-group. It incorporates mainly conventional civil engineering steel structures where some interesting projects in the “public sphere” should be pointed out.