Projects - Controlling and Checking

During the 15 years of PSP’s existence they enjoyed time and again undertaking execution controlling tasks. These were initially mainly legal construction controlling orders assigned by building authorities to the senior partner together with the respective “proof engineering” order. Later on, shop and site fabrication controlling orders for welded bridges and similar structures as being legally required came also in. They were specifically placed with PSP because of their particular experience – irrespective of the fact that the “proof engineering” had been carried out by someone else. Previously controlling tasks on behalf of the building owner (so-called “object controlling”) have also been undertaken by PSP (see first sub-group).

Until middle of the last decade, structural design checking orders (“proof engineering”) in the framework of state building laws made up one of the focal areas of PSP’s activities. This was due to the senior partner’s capacity as officially approved “proof engineer”. The more important ones of these proof engineering orders are listed as second sub-group.